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   Upper St. Clair High School Field Hockey Team Rules 2018


  1. If a player misses a practice, they will not start in the upcoming game (A college visit/family emergency is the ONLY exception).  


  1. If a player misses 2 or more practices, unexcused from the coaches, she may be unable to participate in the remainder of the season or removed from the team. 


  1. All players are expected to be on time for practice and every game.  Coming late to either practice or a game will result in a punishment to be determined by the coaches.   If late to practice, they will be required to complete whatever they missed when coaches are available.


  1. All players must ride the bus after away games unless the correct form is filled out and turned in to the school, per school guidelines. 


  1. It is your responsibility to tell the coach if you have missed half of the school day.  Players may not practice or play in a game if they did not attend school for at least half of the day.


  1. All Varsity players are required to watch and pay attention to the J.V. games, as well as all J.V. players are required to watch and pay attention to the Varsity games - - NO CELL PHONES, iPODS, ETC. WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE USED DURING GAMES.


  1. Your actions in and out of school can affect playing time.  As student athletes, we expect you all to be positive role models and make smart decisions.  


  1. All players, coaches, parents, and spectators are expected to practice good sportsmanship during all athletic competitions. 


  1. All players must exhibit respect towards teammates and coaches.  Any issues need to be addressed to the coach by the players. 


  1. There will be no swearing of any kind on or off the field.


  1. Every player is required to help clean up after every game or practice.  This includes leaving the bus spotless after away games.


  1. Every player will be assigned a specific responsibility for the week, such as bringing the balls, water jug, medical kit, etc. 


  1. Please do not call/text the coaches directly before, during or after a game unless it is an emergency. 


  1.  Drugs or alcohol use of any kind will NOT be tolerated and will result in an immediate dismissal from the team. 


Consequences if any of the above are broken:

Consequences will depend on the severity of the violation.  The consequences could range from extra running during practice to removal from the team.