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Tips for Tryouts

Upper St. Clair Field Hockey

Besides being fit, and practicing your stick skills, consider these simple tips to ensure a successful tryout!


  1. Maintain a Positive Attitude

We are not just looking at what you know, but also your potential to learn. No one wants to coach a player with a bad attitude. Make sure your attitude shows us that you love the sport and are excited to be part of the team. This will also reflect in how you play. When you mess up, instead of hanging you head low, work harder to recover from your mistake. A can-do attitude will open doors for you.


  1.  Bring an Elite Mentality

Your mentality is a major deciding factor for us. An elite athlete takes the sport seriously and shows it. If you want to show us that you are a top-notch athlete, demonstrate your mentality through your actions. Listed below are some tips on how to prove to us that you are a serious and dedicated athlete:

  • Hustle between drills
  • Leave small talk and gossip with your friends for after tryouts
  • Volunteer to go first on drills
  • Lead your team through example
  • Communicate with your team during scrimmages
  • Create plays during the game
  • Come ready to play


  1. Come Prepared

Come dressed and ready to go before stepping onto the field; this shows you're ready to play. Wear comfortable attire
(white t-shirt with name on the back and shorts -- no booty or spandex shorts) and remember the essential equipment:

  • A mouth guard
  • Cleats and running shoes
  • Shin guards
  • A stick
  • Water


  1.  Be Confident

Own your skills. Come to tryouts confident that you have practiced and know your skills. Don't apologize when you make a mistake; instead, play better on the next play to correct it. If you’re not sure how to show confidence, here are a few suggestions:

  • Be vocal during scrimmages (call for the ball, direct your teammates, and communicate clearly)
  • Make eye contact with your teammates and coaches
  • Hit every ball with purpose


  1. Have fun!

While tryouts can be intimidating, remember the reason why you are trying out in the first place – because you love the sport. Have fun and make new friends!